Maximum Request Size

Many of our endpoints support additional content to be associated with an entity to be used as additional data or metadata (examples include CRM custom fields and booking questions). These currently do not have any size limits to their values, however our API has a hard limit of 10240 bytes (or 10.24 kilobytes) for request sizes. This should be fairly generous for most use cases, however if you have a use case that requires data that would cause your request to exceed this size, we recommend storing your data in an external data provider such as a database or an object data store like AWS S3 and attaching that link to the entity you are want to associate that data with.

Increasing the amount of data you can associate with entities in Appointedd is something we are looking at and this limitation might improve or be removed in the future, if you have a use case where you need to associate more data than the current limitations allow you to please reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you!